St. Clair Shores Players Talent

Help us to achieve our annual goal of quality theatrical productions.  If you've got a talent, you've got a place in the SCS Players. There are many places for you to let your talent shine. Afraid you have no special talent? That's OK... there are still many ways you can help out (no special talent is required). Here are but a few places where you can get involved in our group:

Actor or Actress:

We hold open auditions for all of our shows. Come down and try out for a lead, you might just get it!


Interested in bringing all the elements together for a successful show? Well then, you want to produce. A talent for bringing creative people together is a great help in this position.

Executive Producer:

Are you good at raising funds? Love putting together fund raising events? If so, you'd make a great Executive Producer.


If you've "always wanted to direct" we may have a place for you too. To direct a play, you must first serve as an Assistant Director and direct a workshop skit. The Board Of Directors selects directors for each production.

Assistant Director:

Take your first step to becoming a Director. There is much to learn in this position.

Stage Manager:

Probably the single most important position in any show is the Stage Manager. The keep rehearsals moving. The keep detailed records of everything. And once the show is "on its feet" they run everything and ensure the safety of both the cast and crew.


Bring the theater alive with sound effects and music -- an art in itself.


The moon, the stars, the sun, a dark cave, a fireworks display and so much more!

Properties (Props):

Every item an actor carries onto the stage must be found, purchased, or made from the ground up.


Make costumes, maintain costumes, find and buy what's needed for each show.


Make the actors into beauties or beast, whatever the show calls for.

Set Design & Construction:

Each show must have a new and unique set designed and built.

Set Dressing:

Got a talent for interior decorating? Well, have we got a job for you. Set Dressing! Turn a lifeless stage into a home, a castle, or whatever.


The above list just begins to scratch the surface of things you can do in this group to help make a show a success. Other important jobs include, set tear down, ticket sales, painting, concessions, etc.